I won…again!



Today, I took a look at the Agatha Christie website and saw my name again РI won a chapter for the second time!!!  I am over-the-moon.

I can’t tell you the validation it gives to a writer to have your work published on such an international platform. It has inspired me tostart my own novel which is, of course, a murder mystery but more Anna Killick style ūüėČ ¬†Details to come.

If you’d like to read my winning chapter please take a look at:


Thank you to Mathew Prichard, AC’s grandson, David Brawn from HarperCollins UK and Daniel Mallory from HarperCollins USA for selecting me once again – it is an honour and a privilege.



P.S. ¬†If you’d like to help sponsor me to get to the UK to win my prize please would you consider donating to me? ¬†You can do so through the following link:



Dreams Really Do Come True


Sometimes, dreams really do come true.

Recently I entered a worldwide competition, promoted by HarperCollins and agathachristie.com, to write a chapter for an Agatha Christie-style book. Everything in my being wanted to win this competition.  When I was 14 I read my first Agatha Christie book and my world changed.  Suddenly I saw mystery and wonder in the smallest things; a steaming cup of tea, the sound of rain against the window pane at night, mysteries around every corner. I loved the worlds and the characters Christie created.  To me, the unassuming, fluffy old lady, Miss Marple, was like the best kind of Grandma.  She was a Grandma that not only treated you to cream cakes and tea at the local Tea Shoppe but also solved murders from the comfort of her armchair.

Having read nearly all of her works of fiction, I could only dream of being able to write anything like she did. ¬†Then I had my chance. ¬†Upon seeing that HarperCollins and the official Agatha Christie site were holding a Write Your Own Christie competition, I put my fingers to the keyboard. ¬†I didn’t think I would win but I had an absolutely amazing time writing it. ¬†I found it fulfilling, fun, hard work and for a moment I could pretend I was Agatha Christie – and what a sweet moment it was!

Well, do you know what? Today I found out I won!! ¬†The next best thing to meeting the Dame herself would be to meet her only remaining Grandson and her publishers at a Winners’ Dinner. ¬†If I raise the money to do that, it would be yet another dream come true.

When I read this, my heart leapt for joy: ‘The judges praised her interesting approach and attention to detail. They were particularly impressed by her ending. Mathew Prichard, Agatha Christie’s grandson, even commented that Anna’s entry had elements of Agatha Christie’s own style.’

For me, there is no greater compliment.

Welcome to my journey!

Anna x

Please find my entry here:


Anna x

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